Education in Kenya, Courses & Career Advice

Kenya is country that loves education. The country is rated as one of the most literate countries in the African continent. Courses in Kenya are organized in such as manner that one has to undergo the elementary training also know as early childhood education before proceeding to primary, secondary and tertiary education in that order.

Elementary Education in Kenya

Education in Kenya

Early childhood development is key for the intellectual development of any child. In Kenya, children are exposed to education at a very tender age in order to impart skills and knowledge that will define their growth and development. In Kenya some of the topics covered during this period include:

  • Child Assessment
  • Infant and toddler development
  • Social development
  • Language development
  • Health, safety and nutrition

Primary Education in Kenya

Secondary Education in Kenya

Tertiary Education in Kenya

Bridging Courses in Kenya

Short Courses in Kenya

Certificate Courses in Kenya

Diploma Courses in Kenya

Bachelors Courses in Kenya

Masters Courses in Kenya

Postgraduate Diploma Courses in Kenya

Doctorate Courses in Kenya

Professional Education in Kenya

There are various institutions of higher education that offer professional courses for various fields. These range from accounting courses, to graphic design courses. The following are some of the quick links to these professional courses.

Professional Courses in Kenya